Monday, 2 July 2007

Top 10 Nepalesische Verkaufsstrategien - Top 10 Nepali selling Tactics

Straßenverkäufer sind der Fluch Thamels. Manchmal können sie allerdings auch lustig sein. Hier sind meine Lieblingssprüche, im Touristenviertel Kathmandus aufgeschnappt:

Street vendours are the curse of Thamel. They can be fun sometimes, however. Here are my favourite slogans, overheard in Kathmandus tourist quarter:

10. "Riksha Madam?"
9. "One Taxi?"
8. (wispering) "Hash?"
7. "More inside..."
6. "Wanna smoke?" "No" "Want me?" "erm, thanks, but no, thanks..."
5. "Selling!" (oh, really I though it was just for decoration....)
4. "Something?"
3. "Yes, we have it!" (we never learned, what exactly but I suppose he must have been psychic...)
2. "Sehr teuer!" (very expensive, I think some German speaking tourist was fed up with this one...)
1. The all-time classic: "Yeeeeeees!"


Sue said...

I like the commonly heard comments - especially #6, hahaha.
What an experience!!!

sagar mohan said...

actually i m also from nepal n havent noticed these tactics. i enjoyed reading your blog. u gave some idea about kathmandu. i think u have also visited pokhara and now in aachen. Since i m from there. pokhara, i expect one article of pokhara.
viel Spaß

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